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Interrogation - Extraordinary Chambers
Barker Song, Faust - Joe Huppert
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Marguerite's Lament - Joe Huppert/perf. Maggie Carney
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We all know it's difficult to convey sound design for live environments in, well, a not live environment. The subtleties of mixing in the space, the context of a sonic event, the psychoacoustic effects embedded in the flow of sound from actors and audience - all of these don't translate well to a web site. 

     Here is a taste: a soundscape created for the play Extraordinary Chambers, by David Weiner - the scary interrogation scenes. Also, two songs I wrote (and played piano and accordion on) for the musical "Faust: A Play For The Music Hall Every Evening and Matinees on Sunday", lyrics by Rick Desrochers, vocals by Maggie Carney and me.

     For distribution, I design systems from small to large, musicals, corporate, architectural, attractions and so on, providing detailed drawings and using accurate prediction software. 

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